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Candace Reese, Jawn Murray & Omarosa Manigault at CBC 2007

Say what you may about this lady, but what we do know is that she understands how to extend her 15 minutes, every hour! Beyond an expert lecturer, college professor and amazing business acumen, I have found Omarosa Manigault to be a kind, spiritually-grounded lady from the moment we met and each subsequent time we have interchanged.  I have especially admired her evolution into ministry and strength during the loss of fiance and love of her life, Michael Clarke Duncan.

Michael Clarke Duncan & Omarosa

You may know her by just one name… (OMAROSA) and one show (Donald Trump’s The Apprentice), but there is much more to this “political insider” than meets the eye.

As one of The Donald’s first season Apprentice contestants Omarosa Manigault captivated the country with her sassy no holds bar business savvy. Omarosa quickly emerged as pack leader while negotiating deals with such companies as Sotheby’s Auction House, The Deutsch Agency, QVC, Kodak, Planet Hollywood (NY), and Marquee Jets. Entertainment Weekly attributed OMAROSA with making The Apprentice the number 1 show on TV. As a result of her continued popularity, Donald Trump invited her back to the show for season 7, Celebrity Apprentice, making her the first and only contestant to ever compete twice on show.

Utilizing a strong background in entertainment and business to brand her TV persona, Omarosa successfully created a cottage industry around her dynamic television personality. She is a frequent guest on the talk show circuit and most notably has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, The Dr. Phil Show, The Early Show, Regis and Kelly, The Today Show, the Tonight Show, Conan, Hard Ball with Chris Mathews, Larry King Live, Dateline and the View. She is a frequent business and political contributor on MSNBC, CNN, CNBC and Fox.

Preacher, Teacher, Ambassador, Mentor and Friend are just a few of the divine assignments that Minister Omarosa Onee Manigault has embraced in her life. She has dedicated her life to the service of the Lord and the advancement of His Kingdom. Her heartfelt desire is that her life and ministry would continually bring glory, honor and praise to Jesus Christ.  She is the founder of ASK (Ask, Seek, Knock) Missionary Organization – a ministry dedicated to living out the works of Christ. She shares diligently in ministry with her family, friends, students and her community. She brings a special brand of ministry-dynamic action that is impacting people all over the world.

Omarosa ministering on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage

Minister Omarosa has allowed the backdrop of her tumultuous life and her own personal struggles to fuel her ministry. Reared in a God-fearing home, Min. Omarosa was exposed to the gospel of grace at the age of three. Her dearest cousin did not survive a destructive house fire that she and other members narrowly escaped. At that tender age she was first introduced to grace and mercy of God.

In 2008 Rev. Omarosa accepted the mandate from God to preach the gospel of Christ. She delivered her first sermon at Empowerment Temple in Baltimore MD. Her call to preach generated a national media storm – as it is very unusual that a controversial TV personality would embark upon the journey to spread the word of God.

Omarosa currently teaches in the Executive Education Program and in the Executive MBA Program at Howard University School of Business. Her greatest passion is her international missionary work. Her most recent missionary assignment was in Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake that killed and misplaced millions. She now serves as an international Goodwill Ambassador for the Haiti Support Project. In addition to Haiti, she has done volunteer work in Nigeria, Senegal and Gambia.  In the wake of the tragic loss of her fiance, Oscar nominee Michael Clarke Duncan, Omarosa has founded the Michael Clarke Duncan “You Can Do Anything” Organization in his memory and is representing the charity organization Sue Duncan Children’s Center on this season’s All Star Celebrity Apprentice.

For all of your servitude and the person those who know you personally appreciate…cheers, Omarosa!

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