If Women are ‘The Richer Sex’, how does this affect Marriages?

Today’s daily email from Little PINK Book was quite interesting to me, as the author of The Richer Sex points out that women, specifically wives, are making more money than their husbands.  I started to think of the many conversations I have engaged in with women and men who share their opinions on how this may effect the marriage itself, and the responses were usually the same…unfortunately, it’s problematic.

This is quite disturbing to me, as, in the current economic climate, whomever can “bring home the bacon” should be looked upon as a team player for the good of the family as a whole, as opposed to the husband seeing this a source of failure, defeat or lack of manhood in being a provider.  There is also a rise in ladies leading small businesses and companies, which should be commendable.  Also, in some marriages, the income shift is seasonal, because there are instances when the wife will work to help the husband receive an education that will lead to opportunities for higher income, and in return, after him securing a great career, the wife may choose to become a stay at home mom, housewife or work with charities of her choice (both of which are still jobs); and vice versa.  It’s all about coming together as a team to reach unified goals, in my opinion.

I’m quite traditional in many ways, so I feel that as long as a lady is submitted to her husband in the biblical sense, and is sensitive to the nature of her man by not flaunting her ability to contribute the family, then it would seem that there should be no real challenge.  But I’m not a man.  So, what does it really mean  to just be able to pay a bill or contribute to the disposable income?

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2 Responses to If Women are ‘The Richer Sex’, how does this affect Marriages?

  1. Bo Beaudoin says:

    Candace, I’m honored that you are interested in what I might have to say on the subject. Honestly, sis my perspective is not a whole lot different from yours. Although the line of thinking seems to be coming from the opposite direction.

    Personally, I believe how much a wife earns is really of precious little consequence in the overall scheme of things. Ultimately, people are either mature believers or they are not. People are either well adjusted people of faith or they are not. People actually believe what the Bible says about marriage, head of household, and submission or they do not. To each his/her own. The specter of income doesn’t change what people believe it only exposes it.

    In many instances, women are not truly submitted, in a Biblical sense, they are just subdued. And further many men aren’t the true head of the household they are simply the primary breadwinner. And in marriages where money is the final authority, the wife often “defers” [but does not submit] to a man who is paying all the bills… but when he is no longer paying the bills she no longer feels obligated to defer. Likewise when a man is making the most money he assumes an artificial sense of worth, value, and leadership so he dictates his position in the home as opposed to earning it… so when he is no longer the primary source of income his own self worth and self esteem is diminished in his own eyes couple that with a wife who no longer feels the need to defer and it’s a recipe for divorce.

    The real problem is not who makes the most money. The real issues here are matters of maturity and matters of the heart and what the two really believe about their marriage and their own roles within that marriage… come hell or high water.

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