If It Doesn’t Hurt, You’re Really Not Doing It Right

I was exercising at the gym this morning, when I realized I had not added enough weight to the machine I was using.  I firmly knew this, because I wasn’t being challenged, and was not making the ugly faces that I used to laugh at when I watched guys working out.  Just in those two aha moments, I was very clear that I am right where I should be on my journey.

When we recognize our positioning in our strategic life season, and are not pushing ourselves to the limit in reaching our goals, we must be very quick to shift and come into proper alignment.  As soon as I realized I was just coasting through a particular exercise, I immediately shifted my weight load, so that I would be challenged.  And why would I give up easy for difficult?

It’s because I want to grow.  I want to tone my body to a certain place of satisfaction; then I may choose to maintain it at that level, or set new goals.  The same concept works in our personal and professional lives.  If we are stagnant in any way, we do not flourish on our journey, which ultimately makes us useless if you truly believe you are in this moment in time for a reason.  Alternately, when we make a conscious effort to tough through the pain, frustration, dissatisfaction and growing pains, we are bound to see positive results.  It’s kind of like, how can you say that a man is good, if he has never confronted evil?

In my second realization moment, I was reminded of the many times I watched others in my gym making what I thought were these crazy, psychotic faces, and finding complete humor in them.  But I was only able to giggle because I was not pushing myself to my full potential at the time.  Now, when I’m there, I am fully engaged and yes, my faces are terrible as well…smile

We must apply this to our vision.  If the individuals you allow in your sacred space, or even the bystanders looking from the outside in are not supportive of your evolving process, it’s probably because they are not in the correct alignment with their own destiny.  You will notice those who are supportive or even kindly observant have either successfully met significant goals and identify with where you are, or are in their own process and don’t have time nor interest in mocking you. 

Today, ponder these things…

About Candace Reese ~ The CEO Pundit™

With a reputation for challenging small visions and transforming them into global notoriety, Candace Reese is a nationally-recognized entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. Specializing in corporate and philanthropic strategy management, Reese has a strong track record in exceeding expectations. After several years in corporate and nonprofit public relations, marketing and advertising, Reese founded Envision Global Corporation to serve a diverse clientele list of individuals, organizations and corporate clientele by delivering leading-edge, innovative image building campaigns, with a global focus. Having an affinity for representing socially-conscious clientele, through Envision Global, Reese has managed projects and provided unlimited business and lifestyle resources to a plethora of distinguished entrepreneurs, executives and philanthropists who have been featured in national and international multi-media outlets, including online/digital media, nationally-syndicated radio and television broadcasts. To accommodate the growing needs of her global client base, Reese has launched EnviBlu Lifestyle Concierge; the travel, concierge and ground transportation vertical to Envision Global. Outside of her work with Envision Global, Reese’s passion lies in her public speaking and community initiatives. As a children’s advocate, she offers inspiring words to young men about etiquette and image, as well as young women on entering and maintaining healthy relationships. Reese also engages with entrepreneurs and business executives on leadership, marketing, public relations, professional etiquette, and effective, next-level business practices as an executive coach. Reese is a well-known supporter of local and national community organizations, being frequently tapped by nonprofit and religious organizations to strengthen their image and media strategies for initiatives, conferences and goal-oriented campaigns.
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